Presented by Lorenz Meier and Daniel Agar

PX4 is becoming an industry standard due to its global adoption among the vast majority of industry players. Join the webinar to learn more about what lies ahead for the largest open source community in the drone space and get the chance to address questions to the key contributors of the community about the future of PX4.



Date: January 24, 2019

Time: 9 -10 am PST (6 -7 pm CET)

Speakers: Dr. Lorenz Meier - Auterion Co-Founder and creator of PX4, Pixhawk, QGC, MAVLink

                   Daniel Agar, software developer and co-maintainer of PX4


Speakers' Bio: 

Lorenz Meier

Lorenz Meier

Lorenz Meier is Co-Founder of Auterion and holds a Ph.D. on drone software  architecture from ETH Zurich. He has worked on open source software for drones since 2008. He created the PX4 autopilot, the equivalent of Android for drones. Lorenz is also the creator of several de-facto drone industry standards, including Pixhawk, MAVLink and QGroundControl. Throughout his decade-long career Lorenz received numerous awards and fellowships for his work, and in 2017 he was nominated MIT 35 Innovator under 35 by MIT Technology Review.


Daniel Agar

Daniel Agar

Daniel Agar is a software engineer and a co-maintainer of the PX4 developer community. Since 2015 Daniel has been working on PX4  and on other open source projects, including QGroundControl and MAVLink. 




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